Sunday, June 29, 2008

At The Hop!

Last week I went on a Quilt Shop Hop with some friends from my local stitching group. Even though I don't quilt (yet!), I had a great time and still managed to come away with some fun stuff! Here's a link to the site that shows all the shops in the hop. We went to 14 shops over 2 days, and I hit the 15th here in town on Saturday. If you complete your passport by visiting all the shops, your name goes into a drawing - and guess what? I won a $100 Gift Certificate to any of the shop in the hop! I was SOOOOO excited when I got the message. Now to decide which store and what to buy!

So, here's the stuff I bought over the two days. My favorite is this fantastic Zelda's Fancy Hat from Crabapple Hill Studio. At every store we went to, I was so drawn to this designer. I'm definately going to have to pick up more of her designs! I also got some wool appliqué stuff. One was a kit from Konfetti's called Hearts Journal Cover. The other is a book from Indigo Junction called Folk Art Jingle. I picked up wool kits for the Heart and Mistletoe ornaments. And I was actually able to find some yarn and knitting needles at two different stores. The yarn is Cascades Yarns Nikki which is made in Italy and hand spun. I got a scarf almost finished while we were driving around. The needles are really fun - they're Square Knitting Needles handmade form Forest Palm by Kollage Yarns. They're suppose to be less fatiguing to use, and hey, they were on sale too! I also got two leaflets for $1 each! Brightneedle The Lodge and Bent Creek Love. The last thing in the picture is a fat eighth I picked up for the back of an ornament for our Christmas in July exchange as well as a couple of fun old buttons. I actually bought three fat quarters too, but they somehow didn't make it into the picture. I think they're in with the witch's hat! LOL

In addition to all those quilt shops, we ran into a Provo Craft Outlet, where I hit the jackpot! I got 8 balls of yarn, 5 frames, 2 embroidery kits (with frames) and a bead book for under $25. I definately want to hit this store again!!

I've ready finished one of the kits and it's on my desk at work. I thought it was a great reminder! The frame had gaps in the corners, so I used my Stampin' Up Pretties Kit to cover them.

So, all in all it was a great trip and I'd love to go again next year!!

Now on to the Christmas in July Ornament Exchange. Saturday I got an ornament from Cheryl. It's from the cover of the current Just Cross Stitch issue and is designed by Country Cottage Needleworks, one of my favorite designers. Cheryl, knowing that I don't care much for blue, changed the colors to red and green and added the charms.

She also sent along a few extras - some Needlepaint and Carrie's threads, an ornament and two vintage reinstone buttons. Thanks for the lovely package Cheryl! I look forward to adding this ornament to my stitching tree this Christmas.

My ornament is on it's way to my partner, so I'll share a pic as soon as it's received.

And now for my "big news"! I am signing up to become an Independent Coordinator for Bead Retreat! I'm so excited!! The concept is fun and the jewelry is beautiful. I plan to have my business kit by the end of the month and I'll be off and running!!

I ordered myself two bracelet kits so I could see what they were like and I'm in love!! The first one is called Melange in Jet & Silver. I had enough beads left over that I was able to make matching earrings! And it goes with everything - I've been wearing all week!

And this is the bracelet I feel in love with as soon as I saw it on the cover of the catalog. It's called Family Tree in Green Quartz. My step-mom threatened to take it from me - LOL - she'll have to order her own! They are really SO pretty in person - I wish I could get a better picture of them!

I can't wait to get started!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I REALLY need to do this more often!

If I could manage to blog more often, my posts wouldn't be so overwhelmingly long! LOL

So, where to start?

In my last post I forgot to talk about the goodies that Jen sent me. First, she sent back a birthday present that my ribbon-eating cat had eaten the ribbon off of (and she was nice enough to fix it for me!) - it's the cutest Britty Kitty from Brittercup Designs (from Britty Kitties III) that she made into a needlebook, and I didn't show it the first time I received it because I didn't have my blog then.

She also sent me a birthday present for this year - another kitty (LOL), this time from Prairie Schooler's Barnyard Christmas and made to cover a tin. This was her first tin finish and I think it looks great!

And last, but certainly not least, was my PIF gift - and yes, it's another kitty! It's the kitty from EEKology by The Trilogy. I LOVE how she finished this - such a good idea. I've filled it with kisses for my desk at work (then my ribbon-eating cat can't get to it!). Thanks again for all the kitties Jen!

Now, on to the color exchange. I sent to Nancy, and her color choice was green. I found all kinds of fun green goodies (even nail polish! LOL)

My stitched piece was a little turtle pin cushion from Quaker Turtles by With My Needle. Isn't he adorable? He's stitched with Forest Glade Sampler Thread from The Gentle Art. And the fabric is a 32 ct Silkweaver Solo.

Here's the underside - I have to admit, I felt bad turning this little guy on his back! LOL

I also sent her a piece of muslin and a skein of thread that I dyed last spring at our Get Together in Wisconsin. And I made her a little beaded "frogger".

Even though it's summer and Nancy lives in a very warm climate, I decided to knit her a scarf as well. I used some yarn that Jodi sent me last December - it's really soft! And I used my stand-by Elongated Brick pattern - LOL -I think this is the 5th scarf I've made with that pattern. And since my neighbor was admiring this one while I was working on it, and I have quite a bit of yarn left, I've started another one for her! I also tried my hand at stitching a pot scrubber with strips of nylon netting. I have one that my dad gave me that he bought from a lady who makes them, and it works really well. Hopefully this one will too!

At our May Stamp Club meeting, we made the cutest card and altered pop-top can - and I thought since they had green on them, they'd be perfect for the color exchange. The can is SO cool. You can see the instructions for making one here. The can has gummy worms inside of it and Kathy commented that "a can of worms" was a clever idea - I hadn't even thought of it that way! LOL

The color exchange package I received was a beautiful red one from Gaby! Isn't all this red striking? Included in the package was one of her beaded scissors fobs (a good excuse to get a new pair of scissors, don't you think? LOL).

And she stitched me the most beautiful biscornu! The pattern is Rhapsody in Red part II from Sampler Cove.

Here's the front...

...and here's the back

And look at this amazing edging! I just love the beads with the ribbon threaded through - and the bows on the corners! Thank you so much Gaby for the fun package!

Some other stitching I've finished lately is Marilynne's pick for the Kit Exchange - a Prairie Schooler freebie - and a Zippie kit from Bent Creek called 123 Blackbird that I got from Jodi. Since it's stitched with perle cotton on 18 ct, it was a nice change from all the over-one I've been doing lately! LOL

For Father's Day, I gave my dad the June projects from Stamp Club - this bag of peanuts and card. Now, the bag was suppose to say "I'm nuts about you!", but I really wanted to make something funnier than that - and I dad is a great sport with a wonderful sense of humor! Our club coordinator, Dana, just started a website that shows the projects we've made, upcoming projects and other ideas - you can see it here.

And on top of the stitching, stamping and knitting, I've been able to squeeze in some beading! I bought these beads last July at the Gem Fair in Salt Lake City. They are Lapis, and I bought them specifically to make something for my step-mother. Her birthday is this week, so I'm thrilled to have these done for her. I got the inspiration from a lariat necklace in the January 2008 issue of Bead Style Magazine. You can see the original project here.

I think that about covers it for now - LOL. Now let's see if I can do the next post a little sooner :)