Stitching WIP's/UFO's

These are the projects that have at least 1 stitch in them.  If I live to be 100, I MAY be able to finish them all!

Class Projects:

 Purple Posies Beaded Box from the 2004 EGA National Seminar taught by Carolyn Sherman.  This class was from the only National Seminar I've been to and was so much fun.  I'm over half finished.
 Dying for Blackwork pilot class taught by Carolyn Standing Webb.  Dates back to summer(?) 2005 - I got the pre-work outlining finished before class and dyed the silks in class - SO fun.  Just a bit over half done with scissor fob.
 Ghoulies & Ghosties Etui on-line class from Brightneedle.  This was an on-line class sponsored by Elegant Stitch.  Dates back to fall 2006 and I have one side of the Euti finished.  Somewhere along the line I've lost the cover pic (I'm assuming there was one).
 A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif by Ellen Chester (With my Needle).  This was a class offered by Swan Sampler Guild in spring 2007.  I have most of the needlebook finished, then I have to start on the huswif.
Viola Scissor Pocket by Betsy Morgan (Willing Hands Needlework).  Another Swan Sampler Guild class held in spring 2006.  Most of the outlining is done - this one could actually be finished fairly quickly!

Dianthus Box was taught at the same time (need to find and photograph)

Toy Chest Etui Shakespeare Retreat summer 2011 (need to find all of the pieces and photograph)

The Enchanted Forest by Catherine Jorden is from a class I took at the May 2003 EGA Heartland Region Seminar n Moline, IL.
ABC Beehive Pin-Keep and My Secret Garden Thimble Bag by The Hidden Heart.  This was from a class taught by my dear friend Loraine during an August 2006 retreat in Park City hosted by The Stitching Station (now closed).
Dragonfly Lace Sampler by The Victoria Sampler was a Cyber-Class through The Victoria Sampler.  This dates back to February 2003.
Renaissance Lace Sampler by The Victoria Sampler was another Cyber-Class through The Victoria Sampler.  This dates back to July 2002.

Flowers in the Fall by Merry Cox.  This was taught at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Fall 2006.  I'm not much of a blue person, and I have class kits that I like more than this, but maybe someday I'll finish it.

Regular Projects

Dutch Sampler from Remember the Ladies by Kreinik - this has a copyright date of 2002, but I have no idea when I started it - probably around that time.  I also have no idea why I abandoned it!  It wouldn't take too much time to stitch up.

Cache Heart by The Sweetheart Tree.  I started this sometime around 2003 - it wouldn't take too long to finish.

Silk Gauze Loon by Crossed Wing Collections - this is one of my oldest UFO's - we lived in North Dakota when I started this, so it's 15-20 years old.  This is another one that I'm not sure about actually finishing.

Spitfire by Avid - I ordered this kit from England sometime in the early 2000's for my DH - not sure that I even want to finish this, it's not much fun to work on.

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