Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I'm leaving for Las Vegas in the morning, so I told DH last not to get me flowers for Valentine's Day. When I got home from my second job Monday night, these were sitting on the kitchen counter! He got them early so I could enjoy them in my office all week. Aren't they beautiful!?! And the fragrance is amazing. My co-workers keep coming in to my office for a sniff - LOL

And I finally decorated my Valentine's Day tree!! I love all the pink, purple and red! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

It's Almost Valentine's Day!!

This has been the week for Valentine Exchange packages in one of my Yahoo Groups. The theme was "Hearts" and all the packages have been wonderful so far.

My package came from Laura and was filled with all sorts of wonderful goodies! She sent a package of heart shaped ornaments for my holiday tree, cupcake liners, pink pins, Valentine's ribbon, two fabrics, heart topped pins, candy, and Gingher scissor.

And Laura made me a great pinkeep ornie with a pattern by The Trillogy called Valentine Spots. I love the "2008" she added with the little hearts as the zeros. Thanks again Laura!! Now I need to get my V-day tree decorated - I'd better hurry! LOL

My package was received as well. I sent to Cheryl, and I tried a few new things with knitting for her.

I made a cotton dish cloth with a pattern called Pieces of my My Heart from Knitting at KNoon Designs. The yarn is Lily Sugar 'n Cream in Strawberries and Cream. I was a little disappointed in the "pooling", and I think I would use a solid yarn next time, but it was fun to knit. The little felted heart is from Mochimochi Blog. She has such cute patterns! I'd love to get good enough with my knitting to tackle one of them.

I also stitched two things for Cheryl - a scissor fob and a pinkeep. The fob is a freebie from The Drawn Thread called Heart Throb. I've wanted to stitch this for years! And I decided to stitch myself one as long as I had the materials out - LOL. The pinkeep is a motif from Jacqueline Holdsworth's Ackworth Pattern Book. I have gotten SO much use from this book! The fiber is Mauveberry Silk n' Colors from The Tread Gatherer and the fabric is a pink scrap from my stash :). This was my first attempt at finishing an octagon shape, and I was very pleased with how it turned out.

Friday, Part 2 of Papillion Creations 2008 Mystery sampler came out. Now I have to wait a whole month for part 3! ROFLOL

And this week, we feature a different kitty, Odette, on my childhood quilt - LOL - gotta give the girls equal time!