Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Finish and A Winner!

I have another finish! Last Saturday, I finished Charmed Hearts by Shepherd's Bush. I started this one last year, in January if I remember correctly, and put it aside after Valentine's Day. I love all of SB's hearts!! I'd also love to get it framed like the model, but I looked up the price and it's just a titch out of my budget right now! LOL

Stamp Club was last Friday, and we made a couple of cute Valentine's Day projects - a card and a little pillow box filled with chocolate.

And last Saturday, I happily found myself at Shepherd's Bush! I bought their latest kit, Winter ABC. This will be my next new start. :)

And now, on to the drawing that I announced in my last post. Thanks for everyone's comments! I used to pick a winner from the 7 people who left a comment - and the winner is.... Debs!! Congratulations Debs - I'll be e-mailing you to find out what colors you'd like :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Three Finishes in Three Days!!

I had a GREAT start to the new year!

On New Year's Day I finished my Papillon Creations 2008 Mystery Sampler How Does Your Garden Grow. I LOVED every stitch of it!! Now I just need to get it framed - and hopefully before the year is out! LOL

I've been going through my stash and trying to clean and organize things and one of the WIPs I came across was this one by Indigo Rose called Bee Charmer. It was about half finished, and I can't even remember when I started it. But I finished it on Friday, January 2nd! All I had to do on Saturday is make and attach the tassels.

I've decided for this year that I can't start anything new until I finish two WIPs (unless it's for a gift and I'm under a time crunch - LOL). So, since I finished these two pieces, I treated myself to a new start - and finish! That means only one more finish and I can start another new piece! LOL

On Saturday evening, I stitched Spring Greetings by Blackbird Designs - I didn't have two of the colors called for, so it's not exactly like the picture, but I'm pleased with how it turned out. Now I just need to figure out how I want to finish it.

As part of my organizing, I FINALLY did something with all my self dyed thread. At the 2006 Shepherd's Bush Retreat, I dyed threads and fabric with my room mates, and then we did it again at our Friends in Thread get together in April 2007. They've been rolled up in paper towels ever since. The first batch is now wrapped on bobbins and the second batch is on these wonderful floss tags that Juli made!

Look at all that color!!

While I was untangling and wrapping, I decided that it would be fun to have a giveaway, so on January 15th, I'll draw a name from everyone who leaves a comment to this post and send that person an assortment of 5 of these hand-dyed flosses!

Good Luck!