Tuesday, July 15, 2008

896 Stairs!!

Sunday we went to Bear Lake and drove up to Minnetonka Cave. It was the first time I'd ever been in a cave and I was pretty impressed. It was about a 90 minute guided tour and there were 448 stairs going up and down back through the 9 rooms, which meant 448 coming back out again too. The hardest stretch was "The Stairway to Heaven", which was 73 steps straight down, which of course meant that we had to go up them on the way out - LOL.

It was cool to hear what some of the different formations were called. This was in the "Dwarf Room" and the formations in the center are the 7 Dwarfs - can you see Grumpy's face at the left?

And this was the "Treasure Room" because it looks like a pile of coins.

When we got to the end, there was the "Bride and Groom" - the Bride is at the top and the Groom is at the bottom. As the decades pass, they grow closer to each other and someday they will connect.

At this point, the guide turned out the lights and we got to experience TOTAL darkness - kinda freaky! Then we had the option to walk back to the next room in the blackness holding on the hand rails, which was interesting, in an unnerving sort of way. LOL

I had a great time and now I'd really like to go to Timpanogos Cave. Maybe we could go in the fall when it's not so hot.

On another note, the ornament I made for the Christmas in July exchange has been received. I stitched for Ming, and although it's not a Christmas design, she was very pleased with it.

This is Iris Window Garden by Calico Crossroads. I stitched it on 40 count over two with the recommended threads and finished it as a pinkeep ornament. It was fun to watch it come to life as I added the black backstitching. I may have to stitch this again some time.

I'm still working on Part 6 of the Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler, and I hope to have it done before Part 7 is released in the next few days.


Jennifer said...

What a neat looking cave! And what a lot of stairs LOL! We have some caverns about 100 miles from us and you've got me thinking we should check them out some time. That's a beautiful ornie you stitched for Ming, great job!

manu s kram said...

wow, i love this motiv. hugs manu