Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 - A Year in Review

I wanted to document my 2009 finishes so I could start listing those for 2010!

2009 Stitching Finishes
  • November - Reindeer Parade by JBW Designs (part of Christmas exchange for Gaby)

  • October - Haunted Needle House by Charland Designs

  • October - Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia

  • October - Americana Sampling by Little House Needleworks

  • October - Pumpkin Bag by Shepherd's Bush

  • September - Gathering Acorns by With Me Needle and Thread (part of Autumn Exchange for Nancy)

  • June - Stitched with Love by Plum Pudding Designs (part of Birthday Exchange for Donna)

  • May - Biscornu from Summer Flowers Sewing Set by Timber Creek Needlework (made with Needles & Beadles group for Cindy)

  • May 29 - Welcome to Cupid's Garden by A Kitty Kats Original

  • May 19 - The Token by Long Dog Samplers (for 20th Wedding Anniversary)

  • February 15th - Winter ABC by Shepherd's Bush

  • February 15th - Dresser Drawer Hearts by Shepherd's Bush

  • January 14th - Butterfly from Repetorie de Motifs (made for Ilse's Birthday quilt made by Dane)

  • January 10th - Charmed Hearts by Shepherd's Bush

  • January 3rd - Spring Greetings by Blackbird Designs

  • January 2nd - Bee Charmer by Indigo Rose

  • January 1st - How Does Your Garden Grow by Papillon Creations

2009 Knitting Finishes

  • December - Neckwarmer by Bernat

  • December - Snowstorm by Lion Brand

  • October, November, December - three Ski Hats with Ear-Flaps from Knitlist

  • November - December - 2 pair Slipper Moccasins by Lion Brand

  • November-December - three pair of Cottage Socks by Lion Brand

  • December - Squiddity by Molting Yeti

  • November - Mini Christmas Stocking by Little Cotton Rabbits

  • September - Drop stitch scarf (part of Autumn Exchange for Nancy)

  • August - Zig Zag scarf (part of Color Exchange for Lody)

  • June - Garter stitch scarf (part of Birthday Exchange for Donna)

2009 Beading Finishes (other than 65+ Bead Retreat Kits I put together this year for samples and gifts)

  • August - Choker

August - spiral rope bracelet from Bead Crochet Basics (part of Color Exchange for Lody)

August - Triangle-Weave bracelet from Bead & Button magazine (part of Color Exchange for Lody)

June - Beaded Teapot by Diane Fitzgerald for Bead & Button (part of Birthday Exchange for Donna)


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Casa Pearl said...

I envy you your productivity Rachel. Every finish is just wonderful. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish this year as well.

Brigitte said...

Wow, so many finishes. And they are all wonderful. My favourite of the stitched pieces would have to be the Acorn, it's a dream. I think I'll have to order this beautiful pattern.

Anonymous said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................

Einschies blog said...

Ohh Rachel, there are lots of nice finishes;-) I really like the beaded teapot which is perfect for Donna;-)))


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