Thursday, November 15, 2007

Is it Too Late?

Is the week before Thanksgiving too late to post Halloween pictures? I kept telling myself I needed to get this done, but the days just keep slipping by!

So, I was involved in Halloween exchanges for two different groups, and I never showed what I sent for the second group. My package went to Manu in Germany, and SHE posted about it right away - LOL. I stitched her a Mill Hill Beaded and Buttoned kit called Spooky Garden - I love stitching these with all the beads - they really sparkle, which of course you can't see in the picture!!

I was told that Manu loves Halloween stuff - the gorier the better, and I was able to find her some really fun stuff - including a skull and a bloody dripping sign saying "Keep Out". I also sent her my "famous" Ghost Poop, which is ADDICTIVE! It's SO easy to make too. You just melt some almond bark on low heat in the microwave and pour it over puff corn (like cheese puffs, but without the cheese - Old Dutch and Barrel of Fun both make this and you can find it in the chip isle), then you stir to coat well, spread out on a cookie sheet to dry, then break into little "poops" - you can make it for Christmas too and call it Snowman Poop. It's got that wonderful sweet-salty thing going for it! YUM!

I also have a picture of my Halloween tree, although it's not the best pic. I love having my tree decorated for different holidays!! And now it's just about time to bring out the stitched Christmas ornies!!

Now, let's make sure I'm not posting Christmas stuff a week before Valentine's Day! LOL

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Sticken macht immer noch Spass said...

Rachel, I love your halloween tree:-)) This should be a German tradition let the tree stand there in our livingroom during the whole year, my DH wouldn´t love it;-)