Sunday, December 2, 2007

Stamp Camp!!

Yesterday I went to a Holiday Stamp Camp and got to make all sorts of fun projects - not to mention eat all sorts of yummy food! There were about 20 ladies there, with projects on three different floors of the house, and we all had a great time.

Here's a pic of everything I made yesterday. I forget how much I enjoy stamping until I get a chance to do it again! I've only been to one stamp group meeting in the past 9 months or so - I really need to make sure I can go more often.

The first thing I made was the three cards. My favorite is the green Happy Holiday card - I love the folding - I liked it so much, I made a second one! LOL

The other two cards are cute too, but as anyone who knows me knows, I'm not overly fond of blue - LOL I love snowmen, and it's hard to have a snowman without using the color blue, but there you are!

The Joy card has little embossed circles which look like falling snow - they were made with my Crop-a-Dile,
and I loved the effect. This was my first time using this thing, which I bought over 6 months ago, so I was thrilled with the opportunity to use it!! I also used it to set the star eyelet on the green card. Now that I know how it works, maybe I'll get some use out of it! LOL

Next I made the 3-D Stars. I think these would make great gift tags with names written in metallic pens. They were a bit tricky, and I definitely need more practice! But I have a bunch of pretty patterned paper that would be great to use for these.

Then I made this memo set, which I think I'll give to my step-mom. The base is an acrylic picture frame and the pen has microbeads.

The next project I made was an Explosion Box with candies in it. I've made one of these before, and they make great little gifts.

The last thing I made was a Tree Gift Bag - I actually did two of these too - it was fun to cut out the different patterned paper - I've always liked playing with scissors. When I was little I'd sit and cut up paper - Dad said was was "making little ones out of big ones" LOL. The project also came with four recipes for different snack mixes to fill the sack with.

Hopefully some time this month I'll get the opportunity to make some more paper crafts!

Something I should have posted a week or so ago was the set of ornies Jodi and I made for Jen's birthday. Jodi stitched them and I did the finishing - making them into pinkeep ornaments. The patterns are JBW Designs French Country Reindeer stitched over-one, one of the trees from JBW Designs Christmas Keepsakes II, and the candy cane from Plum Pudding Needleart Holiday Samplings .

One of the things that Jodi is REALLY good at (besides picking out yarn, LOL) is finding coordinating fabric for stitched pieces, so here's a pic of the back of the ornies showing the wonderful fabric Jodi bought.

I also knit Jen a scarf with some yarn Jodi picked out for her and sent me in September, but apparently I forgot to take a picture of it - LOL The yarn was the Moda Dea Dream in Air Force (the blue one) and I used the Elongated Brick pattern that I made my neighbor.

Other than that, I've been busy working on my last two exchanges of the year and making candy, another one of my favorite things to do!! I hope to get my main Christmas tree up sometime this week - and I have my stitching tree decorated. Christmas is coming WAY too fast for my liking!! LOL


Leigh said...

Rachel, you made some gorgeous things!! I'm so impressed!!

Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty! Love all the stamping bits and pieces, sounds like a fun day.

The ornaments are too cute.