Sunday, March 2, 2014

Joining a Few SALs

I love SALs - they are fun, you get to "meet" a lot of people, and they help keep me on track.

While I was reading WIPocalypse posts, I came across two more SALs that I thought would be fun to join. 

The first on I saw was the Stitching Bandit's Chatelaine Challenge. I remembered I had two Chatelaines languishing in my WIP pile, and when I went to sort through some of them yesterday, I found a third one!  I don't think I have any more, but as I get to the bottom of the pile, who knows what I'll find.

Anyway, the three Chatelaines I have are:

Mystery Sampler 1 (Friendship Sampler) - I used this as a Round Robbin in 2006.  It's only missing my initials, the date, and the beads (which are actually missing!  LOL - I need to go searching for them because I bought the whole kit, I just didn't send them around).

Mystery Sampler II - this is the one I completely forgot about!  I'm missing most of the pattern, so I'll have to go back to my computer and see if I can find it. I was keeping up with this for the first few sections, but I must have gotten distracted (what, me?).

The last one is Mystery II (Convent's Herbal Garden) - this one was gifted to me by my friend Jodi. She started it and I worked on it in a Round Robin where she sent WIPs around. She decided she would never finish it and sent it back to me - what a gift! 

I really like working on Chatelaine designs - I finished the four gem bell pulls (along with the test designs which I made into ornaments) and loved stitching them. Here's hoping I can get some of these done!

The next SAL I thought I'd join is Theme-a-licious 2014. I was intrigued by the March Madness theme ("Work on something different every's madness...of the funnest possible kind").  I don't know that I'll work on a different project every day, but my goal is to work on 31 different projects throughout the month - this will allow me to work on a project for more than one day, and work on a few things each day on the weekends. I'll include any craft as "projects" - cross-stitch, wool appliqué, quilting, embroidery, knitting, spinning, etc.  

I'm going to a local retreat next weekend (Thursday - Saturday), but I'm sleeping at home. I hope to get a few little projects finished and out of my WIP pile.  Here are a few found yesterday that I'll take with me.

So there are some goals to help whittle that WIP pile down!


Laura said...

I remember working on that first sampler. That was a long time ago!

SoCal Debbie said...

Your samplers and chatelaines will be beautiful!

You have a great idea to work on 31 projects in March. I'm doing something different everyday, too!

geeky Heather said...

March Madness is always a favorite!! Thanks for joining in. =) I have Mystery 2 in progress as's such a gorgeous design...why haven't I finished it???