Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What a Fantastic Sewing Weekend!

Since it was a three-day weekend, I had the opportunity to spend 4-6 hours every day in my sewing room -YAY!

Friday I got this amazing full kit for Wind in the Whiskers in the mail from Nancy's Notions!  I've wanted this quilt so bad ever since I first saw it last summer, and I picked it up on clearance!  I'll have to work out some kind of schedule to keep me on track for this. 

Thursday evening I went to the AccuQuilt Club class at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe. The project was a pillow using the Half Hexagon Die.  I decided to use the scraps from my Quilting 101 Christmas quilt so I could make a matching pillow.

I got all my pieces cut out during class and figured out my layout - and I even managed to get the first two rows sewn together. The pillow uses the middle size hexi.

I also cut some of the smaller hexi's as long as I was it it.  Saturday I played with them and made two little pin cushions - they just need to be stuffed. 

And Sunday I put the rest of the pillow together!  I'm so happy to have a class project completed the same week I took the class!!

I had a helper on my lap while I was attempting to work on this! 

I also worked on two Bench Pillows from the Kimberbell Pillow-of-the-Month Club this weekend.

Saturday I finished the top of the Be My Valentine pillow. (I signed up for the darker colorway)

And I got the center section done of the Winter Whimsy pillow, which I finished up on Sunday.   This pattern was free when you signed up for the 6 month club, so it didn't come with the fabric. I used scraps for the hats and noses and picked out new fabric for the rest of the pillow. I LOVE batiks, and used two of them in the boarders. Even though I don't care much for the color blue, I really love this snowflake pattern, and the touches of purple are really pretty.

I even got the pillow insert finished on Monday!


Now I just need to quilt the tops and put the backs on!

I took some time out to cut 96 1/2 square triangles with my AccuQuilt to make a cover for my serger (kitties keep trying to un-thread it!) to use as Leaders and Enders.  I got more than half of them sewn together this weekend!

I also spent some time working on my Snowglobe Mantle - and I finished part 3!!  Now I just have the beads to add and it'll be finished!!
By the way, this is the view under my Q- snaps! LOL

It was a great weekend - and I'm already looking forward to the next three-day weekend to see how much more I can get done!!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend too!


Casa Pearl said...

OMG were you suped up on caffeine? LOL That was a really productive 3 days and I love all of the projects you worked on!

Basia said...

Wow, you managed to get a lot done. The Mantle is looking great.