Saturday, September 1, 2007

GCC Supplies and a New RR

This week I got my supplies for my EGA GCC "To the Acorn" by Pat Krahn. I'm using a Gloriana I had in my stash called Fallen Leaves (#046). Isn't it pretty? I picked coordinating silks from my Hand-Dyed Fibers sample book by Victoria Clayton. I order the Premium, which I haven't tried before, in Night Smoke 5311, Fish Pepper 4429, Bitter Bloom 4443, Chocolate and Fish Pepper 4415. My linen is a cream Belfast. The only other thing I need to pick up is the perle cotton. I'm excited to start this, but it may have to wait for a month or too - I've signed up for too many exchanges! LOL It's due on April 16th, so I can't put it off for too long!

And I've started a new RR with my local stitching group. We're doing a Quaker RR, and it'll be fun to see how everyone enjoys it - this is the first RR that the other ladies have ever done. We're all using the same fabric, but everyone has basted theirs to a different size. I did mine for a finished size of 10x14, hoping I can find a ready made frame for it. And the silk I'm using is one that Vikki dyed for one of the Dyer's Collaboration Packs a few years ago, and it's called Road Kill Iguana. I LOVED the name (and the colors), so I ordered all that she had left - LOL. This is the first time I've used it for anything and I think so far it looks great! My center motif is is from the With My Needle Chart Ackworth Friendship Book by Ellen Chester. I'll add my initials and the date finished when it returns home to me. The RR that I was suppose to get Wednesday wasn't ready yet, so I should get it in a week or two. I have PLENTY to work on 'till then! LOL

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Katrina said...

I've seen that GCC stitched, it's gorgeous. Love your RR start too.