Sunday, September 23, 2007

Playing Catch-Up! LOL

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! I got a second job at a local bakery, and it's REALLY cutting into my stitching time, not to mention my computer time! LOL

So, what have I been up to lately? I finished my Halloween scarf. I can't wait to start wearing it! I really liked working with this yarn, it's soft and "squishy" LOL.

I also received several packages from Jodi - my personal shopper! ROFLOL She found some more great yarn for me. Two skeins each of Moda Dea Dream in Lavender and Air Force. These will make beautiful scarves!! The Lavender will be for Jodi, and the Air Force (blue) will be for a gift for someone special ;)

She also sent me more of the Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist (the yarn my Halloween scarf is made of). These are Rum Raisin and and Sunrise.

And she found some more yarn for my crochet scarf I want to make - that makes six different yarn! This will be a really fun scarf! You can see the rest of them on my original post. These two are Yarn Bee Airy in Cream and Brown. It has some metallic in it, and should look really good in the scarf. And next to it is some Lion Brand Fun Fur (I love scarves made with Fun Fur! LOL) in Tropical.

In addition to all they fun yarns, Jodi also sent a bag of beads from broken jewelery that she picked up at a local shop. I should be able to make some fun stuff with this. I'd like to figure out how to get some of those brown beads into my crocheted scarf!

And she sent me another ornament for my Halloween tree. I think NOW it's time to decorate it!! LOL
Thanks again for ALL the goodies Jodi. I love getting "care packages" from you! :)

So, in addition to all the stuff I received, I've also sent out a few things. First was Ming's birthday, and I made her a biscornu with two quaker medallions from the Ackworth School Pattern Book. This was part of a set that several of us in my Yahoo group made for her with the same fabric and thread. I love how this turned out! The thread is a Carries Creations Threads in Eggplant. It's a little bigger than any boscornu I've made before, but I actually liked the size.

The other package I sent out was for Betsey in my other Yahoo group. She loves La-D-Da, so I stitched her Mares Eat Oats and made it into a pinkeep. I used the recommended threads and fabric, but I stitched it over-one. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

I also knit Betsey a scarf. I used Sensations Cello in Dark Multi. It's another great eyelash yarn that makes wonderful scarfs!

So, I think that pretty much covers what's happened in the last three weeks. I'll have more soon. I'm working on two RR's and two Halloween exchanges. :)

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Katrina said...

I thought I'd posted a comment, love the pinkeep. It's so pretty! And the scarf is gorgeous, it even looks soft :-).