Sunday, August 26, 2007

Way, Way, WAY Too Close For Comfort!!

OK, so DH and I ran a few errands late yesterday afternoon, and as we turned to start going up the hill to where we live, DH said "There's smoke behind the house." OK, panic time! When we got home, I ran into the house, got the cat carriers out and then grabbed the camera. This is the picture I took from right outside our garage.

It hadn't been going for very long - the Fire Department hadn't even shown up yet - and I was a "tiny" bit nervous until they got there. Pretty soon I could hear sirens, but it seemed to take FOREVER for them to actually get up to the fire. I felt SO much better once they were there!! DH was out on the deck taking pictures and I started gathering clothes in case we had to leave. We were lucky that the winds seemed to be blowing away from the house and up the hill, and I was actually able to relax a little. It was really interesting to watch the fire fighters work - and I REALLY appreciate them!!!

We stood out there for almost two hours - I even made a snack that we ate out there while we watched - LOL When the wind changed, the smoke started blowing towards us and we were able to joke about how it smelled like a camp fire and we should have brought some hot dogs to roast.

There were still a few fire trucks out there 'till after midnight - and some trucks were back in the morning too.

All in all, everything worked out fine - they had the fire under control and were able to get it out pretty quickly under the circumstances - but it's something I NEVER want to have to watch from my deck again!!


Casa Pearl said...

OMG - I can't even believe those pictures. I am so glad it was easily contained but how scary to see smoke coming from behind your house when you guys got back. Whew!

Katrina said...

Rachel, I am so glad they were able to take care of things for you and it didn't end up being anything too serious.