Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Visit from the Yarn Fairy!!

Today I got a huge package of yarn from Jodi! A week or so ago she sent me the one in the middle and I showed her a scarf I wanted to make using this, but I'd need additional different yarns. The scarf was featured on Uncommon Threads on DIY Network. It's basically just crocheted chains of different yarns that are gathered and tied in a knot at each end - very fun and funky. And since I don't really crochet, being just a chain stitch, it'll be easy too! LOL Anyway, Jodi was able to find me three other wonderful yarns that coordinate with this first one. I think these will make a great scarf! From left to right: Carron Jewel Box in Moonstone, Moda Dea Dream in Nutmeg, Yarn Bee Hollywood Special Effects in Leading Man, and Moda Dea Zing in Chestnut. All such warm and wonderful colors! And the Dream is SO soft - it would make a great scarf all on its own.

Jodi also sent another skein of Lion Brand Fun Fetti, this time in Firecracker Red. And she found the cutest ornament for my Halloween tree while she was in Iowa! I just love it! Is it too early to start decorating for Halloween? LOL

Thanks for the wonderful package Jodi! I can't wait to make that scarf!

And an update on the two wool scarves I knit with yarn from my neighbor - she picked the Elongated Brick one! That one seemed to be a favorite with those who saw the pictures. I might have to make another one - LOL.

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Jennifer said...

What a great package you got from Jodi! Hey, if you see the moving fairy could you send her over? LOL!