Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ready for Halloween!!

I finally finished my house on Leigh's Drawn Thread House RR Sunday - I'm the spooky one in the neighborhood! LOL I jinxed myself by saying earlier in the month that I was going to be on time with this and ended up being almost a week late. I'll have to watch that next time!

Here's a close up of my part. In addition to shortening the house, I had to move the ghost over. I started stitching the tree and realized I was taking up WAY too much room - there is just a little over half of the fabric length left and four houses to go. I'm anxious to see how this looks when it's finished!

Over the weekend I also started a Halloween scarf using the Zig Zag pattern again. This is some of the yarn that Jodi sent me a few weeks ago. It's really soft and I love how it's turning out!! Its got a strand of shiny rayon-like thread woven through it too. I've almost finished one skein and I think I'll use half of another one, so I should be able to get two scarves out of the three skeins!

And I have to share this - we've been having some wild fires in the county and I live right up against the side of a mountain with a big field in back - not a good place if a fire breaks out back there! Anyway, just to be on the safe side, I've packed up all of my stitched items from around the house and put them in a 100L tub placed by the front door in case we have to evacuate. Looks like Ellie is all ready to go too! ROFLOL


Jennifer said...

I LOVE your Halloween scarf! It's fantastic! How cute would that be with a black turtleneck?! Love your house on Leigh's RR too. We shoulda known you'd be the dark one in the neighborhood. Frankly I'm shocked that you didn't stick any tombstones out there LOL!! And how sweet of Ellie to protect your stash. If it were Odette I'd have to wonder if she was gonna try to eat it...LOL!

Katrina said...

The scarf is so pretty! And I love the round robin. Very smart to have a packed box and have Ellie guarding things :-).

Casa Pearl said...

Your house choice is so cute Rachel and I love the new scarf. And how cute is that sweetie - as if you'd ever leave her behind!