Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beadles Class and Gifts from Friends

Last night I went to a Memory Wire Cuff Bracelet class at my local bead shop, Beadles. Working with memory wire ended up being a lot tougher than I though it would be - I even cut myself with it twice - LOL. After fumbling and dropping beads for over an hour, I finally got the hang of it and created a beautiful bracelet (if I do say so myself). It's a little snug, and I can't wear it while typing on the computer, but it's pretty and that's all that really matters, isn't it? LOL When I finished last night, I had ten more minutes left of class time, so I made myself a quick pair of matching earrings!

I have another class scheduled on July 11th - this one is a Tennis Bracelet class. Isn't that pretty? Of course, mine won't be blue! ROFLOL

When I got home I found a present from my neighbor. I go to her for foot zoning and while she zones me, I knit. She was admiring a "Bubblegum" pink Lazy Daisy scarf I was making a few months ago, so I made another one for her. Then she told me that her daughter stole it from her, so I made her a second scarf, but in "Purple Rain". Anyway, she left me two beautiful skeins of wool - one to make a scarf for her, and one to make a scarf for me. So now I'm on the search for a fun, but not too difficult, scarf pattern for these. Any ideas would be much appreciated. I was actually thinking of this one that I found at the Crystal Palace Yarn site. It's an Elongated Brick pattern - or there's this Zig Zag scarf, but that looks a little trickier. Any opinions? Maybe I should do both - LOL.

I also got a surprise in the mail. Peg did some shopping over the weekend at Hobby Lobby and found me this Victorian Style Beaded Knit Purse pattern - it takes size 0000 needles and 9 hanks of beads! I think I'm going to have to be a much better knitter before I tackle this one, but it's a pretty pattern. Thanks for thinking of me Peg!


Peg said...

Whoa what a dingaling I am.....I never even took the price tags off the chart before sending it. Geeesh where was my mind that day. LOL!

Love your bracelet and earrings. Can't wait to see which scarf you end up making, I like them both too hard for me to decide which.

Rachel said...

LOL - not a big deal about the price tags Peg. Thanks for your complements on my bracelet and earrings. I'm thinking of making a ring to go with it. My boss brought in some ring sized memory wire for me today. And I'm seriously thinking about making one of each of those scarf and letting my neighbor pick which one she wants.