Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Closer Look at "A Valentine Message"

When I first framed A Valentine Message over Christmas break, I promised close-up pics so everyone could see all the goodies I added. Well, I finally took those pics yesterday after Jodi reminded me that showing such a small pic at the bottom of my blog was just a tease - LOL. Again, this is a piece that Jodi stitch for me for Valentine's Day 2006. It's by Black Bird Designs, but Jodi changed the colors - and I LOVE what she picked! I was lucky enough to find the perfect background fabric at JoAnn's and a lot of the buttons and lace pieces were sent to me by Jodi specifically for this piece.

Here's a close-up of the lower left-hand corner. The floss is the same as what Jodi used for the heart and the ribbons, I believe, were from my stash. The sticker is from my card-making stash.

And here's the lower right-hand corner with three flower-shaped buttons sewn on with beads and another sticker attached with a button.

The upper left...

and upper right. The fan is from Fancifuls Inc. - a great place to get charms - and has been in my stash for several years - I think it's perfect on the piece!

I have this hanging right next to my stitching chair and I love to look up at it! Thanks again Jodi for your lovely stitching and contributions to one of my most favorite pieces!! I hope this eliminates the "teasing" - LOL

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Susimac said...

Oh this is stunning I love all the little bits and pieces that you have surrounding it - very very lovely