Thursday, June 28, 2007

A New Finish and More Great Mail

I finally finished my selection for the ornament RR! YEH!! I would have finished it last night, but when I went to stitch the red sections with the called for Rhubarb GAST, I found it to be WAY to pink - so I got disgusted and went to bed instead - LOL. SO, tonight I substituted Cranberry and I think it turned out very nice, if I do say so myself! I've stitched this over-one on some fabric from the old Blended Needle called Very Vintage with all the recommended threads with the above exception. So my package will be ready to mail tomorrow and I've actually made the deadline! Whew!

I also got some fun things in the mail today. I got a package from Jodi (thanks Jodi!!) with some beautiful batik fabric which is for backing fabric for her selection of the ornament RR - she has given us color choices, and I'll bet you can guess from the picture what my choice was :) Jodi is a fantastic fabric shopper (and a fantastic yarn shopper too - LOL) and we're all trying to convince her to take up sewing.

The ornie the fabric is for is this one from Sampler Hiver a la Montagne that Jodi stitched over-one in green (although I think she said my green will be a little different). Kathy stitched this one in blue as one of her monthly ornies last year. It looks like it'll be a fun stitch - I love stitching over-one!

The other stuff I got in the package I can't talk about, but it'll come out sooner or later ;)

I also wanted to show this wonderful bracelet that I got from Laura a while back. She's been busy doing beaded knitting (or is it bead knitting? LOL) and she thought I'd like this bracelet because of the great dragonfly clasp (I LOVE dragonflies!). Thanks again Laura for this lovely bracelet - I really need to learn how to do this!

I also received the latest issue of Bead & Button magazine today! Just thumbing through it I already want to make about half the projects - LOL I definately need more hours in the day!

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