Saturday, June 23, 2007

Beads, Beautiful Beads!!

Today DH took me to The Bead Renaissance Show in Ogden!! It wasn't very big (about a dozen vendors), but BOY can you drop some money quickly there! LOL I was joking with DH that I wanted him to come with me because he could help curb my spending, but I'm sure I bought more with him there. He was such a sweetie and helped pick out a lot of pretty things for me.

Our first stop was a Bali silver booth where I bought 4 stands of spacers 1 strand of bead caps, 12 loose spacers, a pendant holder and three choker length strands that I can add beads to. It was a little overwhelming, right off the bat - LOL

Right next to that booth was one with a bunch of beautiful coral. I bought three strands of purple coral beads (two different sizes of faceted beads and one round) and a really cool fossilized coral pendent piece.

Luckily we got through the next booth without buying anything, LOL. But then I found freshwater pearls in a rainbow of glorious colors!! I limited myself to only 4 strands in different colors, then a little later on I found some smaller cream ones (the "classic" freshwater pearl) in another booth, and I just HAD to get two strands of those - LOL.

At the first place I bought pearls, the booth owner was doing bead crochet, which is something I really would like to learn. He told me that the booth next to him carried all the stuff, so I found a book and bought some beads, cord and a crochet hook - and I'm going to give it a try! I also bought a package of German craft wire in a gold tone - I recently took a wire wrapping class at my local bead store and they told me that German craft wire is really good to work with - I bought the silver there, but they didn't have it in gold.

By then we were both getting pretty "beaded out" - LOL - and I really couldn't make many more decisions, but DH found a really pretty string of green stone beads (which turned out to be azurite) and I found some black onyx which I thought would be good to have. ;)

On the way out I found some tools that I needed (OK, I really needed the flush cutters, the pliers were just a nice thing to have) LOL. I must admit, I was pretty wiped out after that - I think we were there for 2 1/2 hours, but that's a long time to stand around looking at thousands of beads, especially for poor DH - he was SUCH a good sport today!

I like to knit while DH drives (I have an issue with being still - LOL) and I finished a scarf for myself on the way home. The yarn is called Lazy Daisy by Moda Dea in the color Sea Grass. I've made seven or eight of these scarves in different colors - I just love the yarn!

So, now I'm going to see if I can do some beading - or maybe I'll stitch - or perhaps both! LOL


Peg said...

Nice shopping day! You found some really nice beads can't wait to see what all you make with them.

Debs said...

Love the beads, and I think you'll find crocheting with beads is quite easy, but the finished product looks difficult to do. I've done quite a few bead crochet purses.

Rachel said...

Thanks Peg - I'm anxious to start "creating". DH had some definite ideas about some of the stuff we bought - LOL

And Debs, good to know about the bead crochet! I'd love to see pics of your purses!