Friday, June 22, 2007

A Package Received!

Jennifer e-mailed me that she got the exchange package I sent her! We had each other's names in an exchange where we were to stitch a certain designer or theme. Jen picked a patriotic theme and I stitched her Bent Creek's "Flag 1998", only I changed the date to 1776. This was the first time I had to use magnification to stitch on 40-ct, and I was none to happy about that! LOL

I also made Jen a pair of beaded earrings - they were a lot of fun to make! This was from a pattern by Alice Korach from The Bead Bugle .

My choice for the exchange was a Black Bird Designs piece. Jen stitched me "A Present to my Friend" and made it into this lovely flat-fold. Thanks again Jen!!


Debs said...

Your blog looks great, and so does your stitching. Love the kitties, too. We're thinking of getting one but not sure how that will go with our 12 year old Lab/chow mix baby. Thanks for adding m link to your blog. I'll be doing the same with yours. Hugs, Debs

Jennifer said...

You've got a great start to your blog! I'm thrilled that now I can put a face to the name of the ribbon eating cat...LOL! Odette is just too cute! It looks like you've fattened her up quite nicely...LOL! She looks like she's up to no good....those are the best kinds of pets to have...the ones who are always up to something. They keep life

Casa Pearl said...

Both pieces are great! The new blog is wonderful and I'm glad you joined the blogging world!

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comments Ladies! That means a lot to me. Debs, dogs are usually pretty good at accepting new kitties - I say go for it! And Jen - LOL at your comments on Odette - we really have fattend her up, but a lot of that is hair - she has an amazing coat! I'd LOVE to spin her fur, of course, that would mean I'd have to know how to spin! LOL