Sunday, August 5, 2007

Two Scarves and a Wing!

Wednesday DH took me down to Salt Lake City to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on IMAX , which was totally cool! On the drive, I was able to finish the Zig Zag scarf and put the fringe on the Elongated Brick scarf. I'm betting my neighbor will pick the Zig Zag, but I can easily make myself another! It was so much fun to knit!

And I made great progress on my fairy Friday night - I got the whole left wing done, even after I filled in my "required" one length of Dandelion Stem. I just couldn't put her down - LOL - I wanted to see how the different colors would look. I think I stitched for about six solid hours! I'm seeing the end in site and starting to dream about the next fairy, which will be Christmas.

Next Friday, I won't be able to SAL because I'll be at a stitching retreat - what a great reason! LOL This retreat is sponsored by The Stitchin' Station in Salt Lake City and I'm SOOOOOO excited to go. This will be their 4th year, but I only started going last year. The shop is owned by Zim's Crafts, and they use a lot of really cute scrapbook stuff to make things for the retreat.

Here is my invitation for this year. Isn't that cute? They are bringing in Dr.Taylor Hartman, the author of this book The Color Code, to speak to us, and they sent us the book to read before the retreat. It's been very interesting and I'm looking forward to hearing him talk. The guest teacher for this is Cynthia Zittell of The Drawn Thread and she's one of my most favorite designers.
Last year, she taught a design called 26 Stitches, which hasn't been published yet, but hopefully will be soon. I was able to finish my piece right before midnight on New Year's Eve, including the framing! I was thrilled! LOL I'm anxious to see what this year's class piece will be! The retreat is held at a Bed & Breakfast in Park City called Washington School Inn and it really was an old school house. We'll have the whole Inn to ourselves, and it's a great place to stitch. They also make wonderful food for breakfast, which doesn't hurt either - LOL


StitchinManiac said...

Wow Rachel. I enjoy seeing what you've been working on. You certainly accomplish a lot!

I didn't know that Stitchin' Station does a retreat! How did I miss that? What with all the dough I drop there! Have a great time.

Rachel said...

Oh, you should definately call and get on the waiting list!! The retreat is really small - I was on the waiting list for over a year, but it was worth it when I finally got to go!!

And thanks for your complements!

Katrina said...

Love the scarves and the DT piece. It's all gorgeous. Have a great retreat.

I loved the Harry Potter movie :-).

Jackie in UK said...

Wow, your halloween fairy is really speeding along now Rachel! I keep looking at this kit..... but would I ever stitch her? Honestly, I don't know, which is why I haven't ordered her yet - you are tempting me a lot with your photos though! Are there lots of different colours in her?

The scarves are very lovely too! Can you get colinette yarns where you live?

Jackie xx

Rachel said...

Thanks Jackie & Katrina!

Jackie, the fairy uses 10 different Crescent Colors. And I've never hear of colinette yarns. What are they?