Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Birthday Package Received!

Today I got word that Dane in Germany has received her joint birthday package from Jodi and me. It was sent a little late, then Dane went on a lovely long vacation (lucky girl!), so her birthday was about a month ago, but I can finally share the fun stuff we made for her! Dane loves orange, and Jodi found this wonderful orange and pink batik fabric and we worked off of that. Jodi stitched this bird by Gwen R Creation using DMC Color Variations and I finished it into a piece to go on one of her dad's stands. I used something a little different on the edge, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. It's a flower shaped satin ribbon and I stitched a pink bead in the center of each flower as I attached it to the piece. The funniest thing about this is the trim came to me in an Easter exchange - from Germany! So, it's gone back home - LOL.

I stitched a coordinating piece by the same designer, but using a slightly different color - and I made it into a pinkeep/scissor pocket.

I got this idea from Romy's blog - I thought it was a wonderful way to finish something!

I also made a beaded scissor fob and a beaded bookmark to coordinate with the set. The idea for the bookmark came from Leigh - she made me one for my birthday last year that I just love! The charms were from Juli from our bead exchange - they matched the set too well not to use them!!

And after Dane said that she really liked the watch I made Jodi for her birthday, I decided to make one for her too. Imagine how surprised I was to find a bracelet kit in orange!! We sent some other orange goodies as well, but I forgot to take a picture of everything together. I'm really glad that Dane enjoyed her package - it was fun to work with a color that I don't use very often! Everything was SO bright and cheerful!

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Casa Pearl said...

OMG everything is fabulous! I so love the colors you and jodi chose and your finishing is great. I'm going to have to steal that flower/beaded edge idea!