Monday, July 23, 2007

Birthday Gifts and Laughing Gas! LOL

Well, I had my dental appointment today, and for the first time I was given laughing gas - great stuff! LOL I was so relaxed they had a much easier time working on me - I even fell asleep for part of it. They ran out of time and still have more work to do, but at least I won't be a freaked out to go next time if I know they'll give me the gas! My mouth still hurts, but not near as bad as last time!

I also got word that two birthday presents were received over the weekend.

For Peg I stitched the thread pallet from Cherished Works by With My Needle and mounted it on a pallet made by Jodi's dad from Bloom Woodworks.

And Jodi stitched this piece she took from the same chart and I made it into a pinkeep for Peg.

For Jodi's birthday, she said I could make her some jewelry instead of stitching something, so I took her up on the offer! LOL

This bracelet is the Oglala Butterfly Bracelet from the July-August issue of Step by Step Beads. It was a lot of fun to make once I got the peyote base finished. I'm still not that great at working peyote.
This choker was from a kit I ordered from BEADiful. It's called Bijoux Tattoo and I made one for myself in purple.

This Black Floral Pendant Necklace is from the leaflet Modern Beading Techniques, and I have to admit that I made myself one at the same time.

I also made her two different color watches with Swarovoski crystal bracelet kits and watch faces. The kits came with materials for matching earrings as well.

And these bracelets were made from pieces of a broken necklace Jodi sent me because she thought the parts could be used to make something else. I joked that I'd make something from it and send it back for her birthday. On the five strand bracelet, all I had to do was add a clasp, and then I made the memory wire bracelet with the flower and pearl dangles and some added beads. I also made her DD a little stretchy bracelet because she was with Jodi when she bought it. And I made a pair of matching earrings :) I had so much fun putting all this together for Jodi! She may tell me to go back to stitching for her though - ROFLOL.


Jennifer said...

LOL at the laughing gas! Isn't it fantastic?! Really great stuff! LOL! The best part of having my wisdom teeth out were the drugs they gave me before surgery. LOL! Love the jewelry you made for Jodi! That blue choker is fabulous! I bet it would be really pretty in black as well. I presume beading is a lot faster than stitching since you chose to bead?

Dane said...

Rachel, I LOVE the clock on the left picture! That´s so cute, my color ;-)

Rachel said...

LOL - yes, beading is a LOT faster than stitching - I was probably able to make all this stuff in less time than it would have taken me to stitch and finish something - so anytime anyone want jewelry instead, just let me know! LOL

Katrina said...

Glad your appointment went well, I imagine at least part of the reason you aren't so sore is you were a bit more relaxed with the gas.

Love all the presents, they are gorgeous.