Saturday, July 14, 2007

So Much for Sleeping In!

After staying up 'till 1:00 a.m., we were awoken at 8:00 this morning by some really loud noises. DH thought something was hitting the side of the house and when he looked out the bedroom window he saw a couple of guys up on the top of the hill behind our house - they were skeet shooting TOWARDS the houses! We couldn't believe it! They just stopped in the middle of the county road (which is dirt) and were throwing the clay pigeons down the hill toward our house (and our neighbors) and shooting at them - so the loud sounds we heard we shotguns! DH called the police and both the Sheriff and the city police came. I was watching them through the binoculars before the cops got there and it was a little unnerving looking at someone point a shotgun at me at pull the trigger. I know that they were far enough away that nothing would actually hit us - but you just DON'T shoot towards houses! I was secretly hoping that they'd get hauled in, but the cops just made them pick up all the pigeons they had thrown around and leave. I would have LOVED to have heard the conversation!

Anyway, here's my progress from last nights Friday Fairy SAL with Jennifer. I finished off the hair and got to start on a wing! Jen is right that stitching all that same green gets a little boring - I'm aiming for one full length of thread (split into three) each Friday night, then I can move on to another part of the pattern. I also did the finishing of a birthday gift last night, but I can't show pictures until it arrives at the recipient's house later this week.

On Thursday I finished knitting one of the scarves with the wool that my neighbor gave me a few weeks ago . I was debating which of two scarf patterns to knit, and I decided to do one of each and let her decide which one she wants and I'll keep the other. The one I finished was the Elongated Brick pattern - I still need to weave in the ends and add the fringe - and I'm wondering about blocking. I've never blocked anything before, but I'm wondering if that will make the pattern look nicer - can any of the knitters out there give me any advice on this? And if I block it, do I do so before or after adding the fringe? The scarf was entirely knit in the car - a wonderful use of time! LOL This afternoon, I started the second scarf, using the Zig Zag pattern - I've only gotten one repeat done, but so far, it's really fun to knit!

Also, I've been working on and off for the past few weeks on Jodi's RR. Her theme is a Quaker book and it's stitched over one with a variety of pretty colors. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's all put together. The first picture is the front page that Jodi stitched. Peg stitched the second page and I added the alphabet and her initials around what she stitched to make it the same size as Jodi's. The last page is the one I stitched using about four or five different Quaker charts from my stash.

Now I'm off to go work on some more birthday gifts - and to try to stay cool!


Katrina said...

What a way to wake up! I think that would totally freak me out. Love all your bits and pieces, the fairy especially is so cute.

Jackie in UK said...

Hi Rachel!

I didn't realise that you had a blog. Your photos are lovely and I am beginning to realsie that we have a lot of tastes in common! I have been admiring this halloween fairy since she came out, but I'm not sure that I would ever get around to stitching her. Your fairy is looking fabulous though - lovely work! Yikes, your shooting story is a scary one!!!!
Talk soon

Jackie x

Rachel said...

Thanks Jackie and Katrina! Jackie, you must have very good taste! LOL