Monday, July 30, 2007

New Yarn and WIPs

Here's an updated pic of my Halloween Fairy from my Friday Fairy SAL - I'll be really glad when the green in the wings is done - hopefully in two more sessions! After all that green, I HAD to do some of the outlining on the wings - LOL.

Saturday afternoon I went to get a refresher on my socks at my local yarn store. When I put them down over a year ago I has just finished the heal. I got started again and managed to stitch a little over an inch - I'm anxious to get these done - and to start a new pair! LOL There are so many wonderful sock yarns out there, and I want to play all of them!

I also got some more yarn from Jodi - she sent me two skeins of this Lion Brand Fun Fetti in Rainbow Black - I think it would be great as the top of a tote bag! I also bought a ball Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo in ecru - it's SO soft. I'm going to try to make myself a headband out of it.


dragonxser said...

the halloween fairy looks lovely - and get cracking on those socks! Great idea to do both at once :) And is it just my monitor, or is there blue in that sock yarn??

Rachel said...

ROFLOL - yes, there is a little blue in that sock yarn, which is probably why I'm not COMPLETELY in love with them. I want to get them done so I can start some with purple!