Saturday, July 7, 2007

Doin' the Continental!

I had to work this morning, and I decided when I was done that I'd head over to the new location of my local yarn shop, Yarn Today. I haven't been there since I took a sock class last March (and I mean 2006!) and I haven't finished my socks yet either!! Knitting Rita told me to come in next Saturday with my socks and she'd get me on track again, then she showed me a poncho she was working on - it was love at first sight - LOL. So, I ended up buying the book that the pattern was in, eight skeins of yarn and new needles so I could sit down and start it immediately!
The book is called Modular Knits: New Techniques for Today's Knitters by Iris Schreier and the poncho I'm making is the Lace Ribbon Poncho. The yarn I bought is Boku by Plymouth Yarns in Color 4. I also got some amazing knitting needles by Lantern Moon! They're rosewood with palm wood tops and they are beautiful. I've never paid so much for a pair of needles, but I'm really enjoying them, and besides, I like what purchasing them supports.

Rita got me started on the poncho, and as I was knitting, the inevitable question came up from her "Have you ever thought of learning to knit Continental?" LOL - Well, of course I've thought of it, but I figured it was just too late to try to learn a new way to knit. Then Rita told me she had learned at age 65 after 50 years of knitting English style - SO, I gave it a try! I'm slow, and not very graceful looking, but I'm doing it!! It really make the yarn overs easier - and I think with practice it could really improved my speed!

I ended up spending several hours at the shop and had a nice start, then I found I had made a huge mistake and had to start over - LOL - but I got some more done when I got home - and I made another big mistake that I couldn't figure out and started again. Well, third time's a charm, and I think I've got the hang of the pattern now. There will be four squares for this poncho, and I don't think I'll run the ribbon through when it's done - I think it'll have enough going on with all the color changes.

And last night was Friday Fairy SAL night with Jen. Not too much progress, but I got that face done - LOL. I hope to start on the wings next week.

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Katrina said...

Love the yarn you chose, it's really gorgeous. And your fairie is so cute too :-).

My grandmother was a knitter. I always admire the projects, just don't want a new hobby ;-).